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IPL Photofacial Pre and Post Instructions

IPL Photofacial Pre and Post Instructions at Noor Laser Center in Columbia and Catonsville MD

The color and texture of your skin can be improved without surgery with an IPL photofacial. Please follow the instructions for the best outcomes. Contact us for more details.


• Skin cannot be tan at the time of treatment. No sun exposure or self tanner for 30 days prior to treatment.

• Stop all Tretinoin, retinol, prescribed acne medications, glycolic/salicylic acids, bleaching creams and chemical/physical exfoliants two weeks prior to treatment.

• Shave any hair present in the area to be treated.

• On the treatment day, arrive with clean skin that is free of any lotions, creams or make-up.

• If you have a history of cold sores, pre-treating with an oral anti-viral three days before is recommended.

Contraindications for treatment include but are not limited to : history of skin cancer, keloids, psoriasis, eczema or light sensitivity. Use of Accutane within the last 12 months or tattoos within the treatment area.


NO EXERCISE, HOT BATHS OR SHOWERS FOR 48 HOURS POST TREATMENT – Overheating the skin can affect the final results.

AVOID SUN EXPOSURE FOR 30 DAYS POST TREATMENT – Sun exposure can worsen hyperpigmentation.

• You may have a mild sunburn sensation following treatment that is usually gone within a few hours. Skin redness, crusting, bruising, itching, peeling, swelling or blisters may occur and last up to 14 days.

• Cold compresses or ice packs can be used to reduce swelling or discomfort as needed.

• Your skin will be fragile for 2-3 days. Use gentle cleansers with lukewarm water and DO NOT rub the skin vigorously. Skin moisturizers may be used 24 hours after if the skin is not broken.

• It is important to avoid sun exposure and tanning creams between treatments. Use a broad spectrum (UVA/UVB) sunblock SPF 35 or greater on the treatment area at all times. It should be reapplied every 2 hours.

• Pigmented areas (freckles, sunspots) will usually darken after treatments. Crusting of the skin can also form. Please allow these areas to naturally flake off for best results. It may not flake for 7-14 days.

• Avoid irritants, such as Tretinoin, retinol, prescribed acne medications, glycolic/salicylic acids, bleaching creams and chemical/physical exfoliants for 1 week following treatment.

• Avoid chemical peels, facials and microdermabrasion for 2-4 weeks following treatment.

Typically, 4 treatments performed every 4 weeks are recommended, with touch-up sessions every 6 months. This varies per person and depends on several factors, including lifestyle, skin appearance, and client goals.

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