How Light Therapy Improves Your Skin

Medical Spa in Catonsville, MDYour local medical spa in Catonsville, MD, offers a variety of services that can help you look your best. One treatment that is rising in popularity is light therapy. It is an effective treatment that can reduce the appearance of aging while promoting healthy skin. See how this therapy can help you meet your beauty goals.

Light therapy, also known as intense pulsed light or IPL, allows patients to attain clear and healthy skin. By exposing the cells to specific wavelengths of ultraviolet radiation, this treatment slows their growth. As a result, this type of therapy can reduce instances of skin inflammation, as well as treat a variety of skin problems like psoriasis, vitiligo, and more.

In cosmetic applications, IPL therapy can remove sun spots and age spots. Most medical spas that offer light therapy use face-mounted LEDs set at specific wavelengths. These light pulses promote collagen production and improve circulation. As a result, clients attain a brighter complexion.

Light therapy can also reduce the need to use makeup to cover up blemishes or scars. Many makeup products contain skin irritants and can clog pores, which aggravates signs of aging. If you are interested in what IPL treatment can do for you, request a consultation at your local medical spa.