The Facts on Varicose Veins

Have you ever looked down at your leg and noticed small, purple marks that follow your legs? Most likely, you have found the

Spider veins on leg

first signs of varicose veins on your body. While they are not pretty, they are not life-threatening and can be managed with specific non-invasive procedures to reduce their appearance. Here are some quick facts about varicose veins, why they happen, and how you can fade them:

  • The reason varicose veins occur is because over time, the veins in your body become twisted or inflamed. Precisely, they often happen in your feet and legs because of the pressure you put on those parts of your body.
  • While most any vein can become varicose, it is likely that your more shallow veins that are closer to the skin will varicose over those that are deeper in your body. This is because your deeper veins allow blood to flow only one way, and the shallow veins can often pump blood the wrong way that causes varicosities.
  • They are not life-threatening to most people, but signs of varicose veins on your feet or legs can be a signal that you are experiencing other issues with your circulation.
  • However, there are certain conditions that can speed up the process of making varicose veins visible, such as obesity, pregnancy, or frequent constipation.
  • Varicose veins can be treated with a non-invasive procedure in most areas of your body that helps to fade the appearance of them and help them from not returning.

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