While working to lose weight, most people find that they have areas on their body where excess fat is more difficult to get rid of. This commonly includes the midsection, thighs, or hips. While they have witnessed their hard work pay off with many pounds lost, some additional weight remains on these stubborn areas. With that said, many people look to liposuction to address these areas so they can finally achieve the results they want. However, there are several risks involved with this popular procedure, such as bleeding, infection, and fluid accumulation.

Thankfully, non-surgical fat reduction procedures, such as UltraShape in Catonsville, MD, are available to help you get rid of those stubborn fat deposits without surgery. Here are just a few of the benefits of noninvasive fat removal.

No anesthesia
For some patients, undergoing anesthesia is one of the scariest or most concerning parts of surgery. You can have peace of mind as you achieve your desired results without the need for anesthesia (or incisions).

No recovery time
When you use a non-surgical approach to fat reduction such as UltraShape in Catonsville, MD, you can go home immediately following the procedure. The vast majority of non-surgical fat removal procedures are entirely comfortable, and there is usually little to no additional care needed in conjunction with the treatment.

No surgical complications
When fat is removed from the body too rapidly, as possible with liposuction, undesired results are likely. You may be left with excess skin or seroma (an accumulation of fluid at the incision area). With more gradual results from UltraShape in Catonsville, MD, you will be left with natural-looking results free from surgical complications. You will also avoid the long-term damage associated with liposuction, such as negative effects to your hormones, metabolism, and lymphatic system.

Long-lasting results
When approaching fat reduction without surgery, the results are permanent. This is because fat cells are destroyed throughout the procedure. While your remaining fat cells can still grow larger if you continue to eat poorly (thus still resulting in weight gain), the stubborn fat that was destroyed cannot return. Nonetheless, it is important to practice a healthy lifestyle to maintain the best results.